A Wizard Comes to Medium

So I’ve decided to start cross-posting everything I put up on wizardofmonadnock.com on Medium. (Perhaps it could be argued that the REAL news here is that I’m going to be making posts on a regular basis, AT ALL, anywhere, but that’s another discussion for another day.) Anyway, why would I put myself through this? WhyContinue reading “A Wizard Comes to Medium”

Onward we charge, into the sun

Happy May Day slash Beltane to all of you blessed pilgrims out there! I have started writing this three times now. The first time, I was feeling a lot of anxiety. I have a lot on my plate and feel like I’m slipping behind even when I’m cranking out all kinds of work in likeContinue reading “Onward we charge, into the sun”

Notes for Episode 6 – “Piloting the Spaceship” with artist Tom Jenks

Episode Notes! Check out Tom Jenks Art Immediately: Tom Jenks Art online store Like TJA on Facebook Tom’s gallery opening in Worcester THIS WEDNESDAY and remaining on display for the month of April! (I am seriously pissed that I cannot go to this – I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.) Some of my favorites:Continue reading “Notes for Episode 6 – “Piloting the Spaceship” with artist Tom Jenks”

I. Let There Be Light! (The Creative)

  The first hexagram of the I Ching is comprised of six solid, strong lines of light. Scientifically, this is the big bang, the explosion that created the world. Spiritually, this is the kingdom of heaven. In our daily lives, this is the story of the great leader or great sage. Journeying through the lines,Continue reading “I. Let There Be Light! (The Creative)”