Notes for Episode 5 – “THE EYEDS OF MARCH” with The Weather Man of WEATHER IS HAPPENING

Episode Notes! For more WEATHER IS HAPPENING: “The Webzone” Weather Man profile from the Boston Metro WEATHER IS HAPPENING on Facebook Support the WIH Patreon (Weather Man says he doesn’t wanna push this but I don’t care, this is an operation that is worth your dollar) For a rare glimpse inside the Weather Lair: A typicalContinue reading “Notes for Episode 5 – “THE EYEDS OF MARCH” with The Weather Man of WEATHER IS HAPPENING”

This Week’s Mysticological Forecast

That app on your phone can tell you – honestly or as a lie – whether it’s gonna rain or not, but none of you (yet) have an app that examines forecasting models for upcoming spiritual weather fronts, that examines a hard-to-find astral-plane radar map for events, visitors, and obstacles to come. And frankly I’mContinue reading “This Week’s Mysticological Forecast”

The World is (Probably) Ending Tomorrow

That’s what the evidence suggests, anyway. I see very little purpose to turning away from it – or perhaps I just can’t. The truth is, I think about the end of the world pretty much all the time. People who know me well would tell you that I talk about it all the time, too, butContinue reading “The World is (Probably) Ending Tomorrow”

2013: Just a Box of Rain?

“We all got up to dance, Oh, but we never got the chance, For as the players tried to take the field, The marching band refused to yield. […] And in the streets, the children screamed, The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed, But not a word was spoken; The church bells all were broken.”Continue reading “2013: Just a Box of Rain?”

TUESDAY JUNKIE: Do You Trust the Randos Out There?

  All right, it’s time for our weekly roundup of…whatever the hell is going on out there. In the least shocking news of the week, Gawker highlights an AP poll showing that only one-third of Americans think most people can be trusted. Apparently, back in the 70s, half of everybody thought most people could beContinue reading “TUESDAY JUNKIE: Do You Trust the Randos Out There?”