XXI. Law and Order: DOC (Days of Change)

This is a hexagram about crime. It’s a hexagram about identifying crime, enforcing the law, prosecuting the crime, and handing out just punishment. It’s like a Law and Order spinoff launched right in the middle of an ancient Chinese text, which I honestly think would make for a pretty entertaining, and even thrilling, show. InContinue reading “XXI. Law and Order: DOC (Days of Change)”

XX. The High View

For the purposes of this hexagram, we are provided a very clear image of a tower upon a hill. The sage who sits atop the tower can see far and wide, understanding the world and its people below. Just as importantly, though, the sage himself can be seen by all the people. It’s just asContinue reading “XX. The High View”

XVII: The Good Shepherd

The greatest among you will be your servant. Matthew 23:11 (NRSV) In employing the metaphor of a shepherd, I run the risk of implying that people are nothing more than useless sheep in need of a saving guide carrying a staff or at least awesome facial hair. This is not my intention. This hexagram isContinue reading “XVII: The Good Shepherd”

XV. The Meaning of the Modest Mountain

For many reasons, the fifteenth hexagram is a crucial one, not least of all the fact that we are given the image of the mountain on the earth and told its true meaning and significance. To us (not least of all to a wizard “belonging” to a mountain), mountains are a bridge to the heavens.Continue reading “XV. The Meaning of the Modest Mountain”

I. Let There Be Light! (The Creative)

  The first hexagram of the I Ching is comprised of six solid, strong lines of light. Scientifically, this is the big bang, the explosion that created the world. Spiritually, this is the kingdom of heaven. In our daily lives, this is the story of the great leader or great sage. Journeying through the lines,Continue reading “I. Let There Be Light! (The Creative)”

Days of Change

The only constant is change, am I right, man? Okay. So though it’s been accessible to us for a century or so, few in the western world know much about the I Ching, which translates to “Book of Changes”. It’s ancient, several thousand years old (though specific estimates vary), Chinese, and is generally classified asContinue reading “Days of Change”