XXXI. Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Despite the fact that we are numerically not there yet, hexagram 31 represents within the text the start of the second half, or “Book Two.” Whereas the first half was primarily concerned with natural/cosmic phenomena, we are here told that the second half will concern social interaction and relationships. Accordingly, we begin with the imageContinue reading “XXXI. Girlfriends and Boyfriends”

XXVII. Watch your Mouth

If you stretch your imagination a little bit, you can see the hexagram above as the image of a mouth – the upper jaw and lower jaw on top and bottom and the opening in the middle. The topic here is nourishment, for it is into the mouth that food (nourishment of the self) entersContinue reading “XXVII. Watch your Mouth”

XXVI. Does the Public Need You?

Here, we have a hexagram that serves almost as a mini-essay on the nature of a person who is sort of born to be a politician (in the best sense of the word, not the worst). Written multiple thousands of years ago, it’s something of a marvel that it seems so applicable to this day.Continue reading “XXVI. Does the Public Need You?”