XXV. In Times of Doubt and Uncertainty, Fear Nothing

Yet again, I am forced to remind myself (in vain, unfortunately) that all 64 hexagrams in the I Ching are to be taken as equals. Having said that, the twenty-fifth is just overflowing with the kind of wisdom and truth we so desperately need in our days and weeks, especially when we are facing difficultiesContinue reading “XXV. In Times of Doubt and Uncertainty, Fear Nothing”

XXII. The Importance of Beards

One strange way to approach the 22nd Hexagram (properly titled “Grace”, by the way) is to say simply that a beard is a very fine thing, but should never be confused with the chin. Really, it actually says this. A beard is a cool decoration, but a chin is an important part of your face.Continue reading “XXII. The Importance of Beards”

XVIII: Fixing the Table by Flipping It

This post is the eighteenth of sixty-four in our Days of Change series exploring each hexagram of the ancient Chinese I Ching one by one. To sample others in this series – or go wild and read from the beginning – go here. Sorry Baby Boomers, but this question is for everyone else: how many timesContinue reading “XVIII: Fixing the Table by Flipping It”

System Problems?

“If you don’t like the system, create your own system.” — Abd’el Hakim Awyan, Khemitian Wisdom Keeper In the true fashion of a stereotypically unreliable wizard, I spontaneously took the last two weeks off. I wanted to begin work on a fictional side-project and recharge my own batteries to prepare for the seasonal changes toContinue reading “System Problems?”

III. It Sucks to Grow, Growing is Great (Days of Change)

The first two hexagrams of the I Ching are each comprised of lines of only one type–six solid lines in the first hexagram, symbolizing yang and heaven and six broken lines in the second hexagram, symbolizing yin and earth. Here, in the third hexagram, we come to the first scenario that involves a combination ofContinue reading “III. It Sucks to Grow, Growing is Great (Days of Change)”

II. The Real World, Planet Earth (Days of Change)

  The second hexagram we encounter paints a vastly different picture—and, as you can see, is comprised entirely of dark and broken lines. While it is tempting to view the second hexagram as the opposite of the first, it is important rather to understand it to be its complement, fitting together like the two equalContinue reading “II. The Real World, Planet Earth (Days of Change)”

I. Let There Be Light! (The Creative)

  The first hexagram of the I Ching is comprised of six solid, strong lines of light. Scientifically, this is the big bang, the explosion that created the world. Spiritually, this is the kingdom of heaven. In our daily lives, this is the story of the great leader or great sage. Journeying through the lines,Continue reading “I. Let There Be Light! (The Creative)”

Days of Change

The only constant is change, am I right, man? Okay. So though it’s been accessible to us for a century or so, few in the western world know much about the I Ching, which translates to “Book of Changes”. It’s ancient, several thousand years old (though specific estimates vary), Chinese, and is generally classified asContinue reading “Days of Change”