Wizard of Monadnock Books

YOU’D GUESS FROM THEIR CRIES One Heretic’s Quest for Salvation A Novel in Three Parts Price: $2.99 “The setting — small-town New Hampshire — is perhaps the true main character, even more so than the eponymous hero of the story. And while often sparsely described, by the end of the 98 pages, there’s a troublingContinue reading “Wizard of Monadnock Books”

For Monday: The Midnight Prayer

The following is excerpted from the forthcoming debut of Wizard of Monadnock books, Night of the Unemployed Wizard. …that’s right, we’re going to have Wizard BOOKS soon. More announcements to follow. Great Mystery I stand before you, beneath you, amidst you. You remind me always of my smallness. I’m not the Universe, just a tiny speckContinue reading “For Monday: The Midnight Prayer”