If you really wanna be cool, be like this tree

Whenever you can (which, I concede, for the vast majority of us will mean “almost never”), try and greet each dawn the same way, for each dawn is the same. That is to say, each dawn is worth no more and no less than any other. It is only our perceptions of them – ourContinue reading “If you really wanna be cool, be like this tree”

Happy Solstice Morn! It’s the Longest Day of the Year!

Six months ago, the new light was born, Half year later, its victorious morn. The promises made in darkest of days, Fulfilled when the sun stops dead now to blaze. What recently only had the potential to be, The sun shines bright so permits us now to see. What stiffness in our backs, whate’er ourContinue reading “Happy Solstice Morn! It’s the Longest Day of the Year!”

Another One Down – Goodnight to all, with Love

Well man, look back in pride: We put to rest another one. Unity Tuesday comes to a close, Even as some light of these heady days remains aloft. We lived again, another Tuesday, lived upon this Earth, We lived together, ate together, spoke together, and laughed. If we’ve any good fortune at all, we’ve loved,Continue reading “Another One Down – Goodnight to all, with Love”

Unity Tuesday Under the Sky – Goodbye!

Another Day Time has reached its end, By the grace of Whatever. Go in peace, I mean it, Go in peace. Take nothing of this place with you to the next place you go. Leave it behind. Walk outside, look up at the sky. It’s not that different from the dome of a planetarium, isContinue reading “Unity Tuesday Under the Sky – Goodbye!”