Notes for Episode 6 – “Piloting the Spaceship” with artist Tom Jenks

Episode Notes! Check out Tom Jenks Art Immediately: Tom Jenks Art online store Like TJA on Facebook Tom’s gallery opening in Worcester THIS WEDNESDAY and remaining on display for the month of April! (I am seriously pissed that I cannot go to this – I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.) Some of my favorites:Continue reading “Notes for Episode 6 – “Piloting the Spaceship” with artist Tom Jenks”

Greg was right and I need to lighten up

All right, before you get all worried and start sending me frantic Facebook messages, Twitter DMs, and emails asking me if I am okay, please read on. I’m not completely admitting I’m wrong, here. Just partially. (And, really, when am I ever okay?) To read the full hash of the Great Jon Stewart Liberal-vs-Leftist Debate, withContinue reading “Greg was right and I need to lighten up”

Hey Greg, Jon Stewart sucks!

My sister thinks I’m too mean to people on Facebook. She’s probably right – or maybe definitely right. I’ve told her so. I’ve been trying to do better. But this is a story – in fact, it’s part one of a two-part story – about a Facebook argument. This will only sound boring to thoseContinue reading “Hey Greg, Jon Stewart sucks!”