XXIII. The Dead End

There is absolutely no way around it – the twenty-third hexagram is a gigantic, catastrophic bummer of epic proportions. It’s almost definitely the darkest depiction we have covered so far. The elementary symbolism should be apparent just from looking at the shape of the hexagram itself. There’s only one light line left, and it’s leaving.Continue reading “XXIII. The Dead End”

XXII. The Importance of Beards

One strange way to approach the 22nd Hexagram (properly titled “Grace”, by the way) is to say simply that a beard is a very fine thing, but should never be confused with the chin. Really, it actually says this. A beard is a cool decoration, but a chin is an important part of your face.Continue reading “XXII. The Importance of Beards”

XXI. Law and Order: DOC (Days of Change)

This is a hexagram about crime. It’s a hexagram about identifying crime, enforcing the law, prosecuting the crime, and handing out just punishment. It’s like a Law and Order spinoff launched right in the middle of an ancient Chinese text, which I honestly think would make for a pretty entertaining, and even thrilling, show. InContinue reading “XXI. Law and Order: DOC (Days of Change)”

X. Is There a Right way to Behave?

Regardless of who you are or your particular personal stripes, you probably find the question above slightly tricky. I know I do. I find the notion complex because on the one hand, I don’t really feel like telling anyone what to do or how to be. On the other hand, I spend a good chunkContinue reading “X. Is There a Right way to Behave?”

I. Let There Be Light! (The Creative)

  The first hexagram of the I Ching is comprised of six solid, strong lines of light. Scientifically, this is the big bang, the explosion that created the world. Spiritually, this is the kingdom of heaven. In our daily lives, this is the story of the great leader or great sage. Journeying through the lines,Continue reading “I. Let There Be Light! (The Creative)”