Since October 2016, the Wizard of Monadnock Radio Hour has taken a discussion on the meaning of life and how we should live it to the airwaves, featuring a wide range of guests including local artists, extraterrestrial meteorologists, renegade religious leaders, and brave pioneers at the cutting edge of the Second Psychedelic Renaissance. You’ll also hear a tremendous amount of wizard rants covering every topic you can imagine and even special documentary-format episodes. Shows drop once a month, although I’m always trying to double that. The link above will take you to the SoundCloud page, but you can subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Android – any podcast app you can think of. Except Spotify, for some reason (I gotta figure that out). Just search – there’s only one Wizard of Monadnock.

Meditations and Prayer

The Seasons

Notes, Commentary, and Sermons

(For the real heavy stuff, click here as well.)

I Ching


Mountain Stuff


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