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If that’s not enough to get hold of me, I don’t know what to tell you.


This is my “I’m making announcements” face.


All right, we’ve been at this a year now. The last time I substantially updated the page was back in March, and I’ve been promising announcements and things for quite some time, now.


I’ve also been meaning to create an updated “ABOUT” section, so I figured, why not do two things at once? (The two posts formerly classified under “About” will be found archived here.)


For those of you not familiar, the long and short of it: I constantly find myself profoundly dissatisfied with what our society and culture has to offer. We buy too much, celebrate too little, and fail to understand the meaning (or lack thereof) in our work. Our “way of life” is destroying the world. Frankly, it may already have done so.


Having said all that, my strongest belief as wizard is that no story is ever over until we are dead. 


Since we are, presumably, still alive, let’s charge ahead and do what we can. Sometimes, the best we can do is discuss things. Sometimes, the best we can do is to think or to sing or to appreciate the beauty. Sometimes the best we can do is to overthrow the entire established order as a radical revolutionary. It really all depends upon the day.


If you want to talk about this further, please contact me directly or comment on one of the posts. I’m always up for rousing discourse – part of my job as Wizard of Monadnock, of course.


Without getting into such deep things much further, let’s just do a quick overview of how we’ve come to divide this site and what can be expected on a weekly and monthly basis.


Our best and most comprehensive articles, including our ongoing interfaith interview series and such award-winning photo essays as this past June’s solstice climb can be found in our Features and Highlights section.


If I haven’t self-promoted enough already, we’ve expanded our media offering with the launch of Wizard of Monadnock Books. At present, you’ll find our debut title, Night of the Unemployed Wizard, but more titles are forthcoming in the next few months, including a gritty novel, and a collection of colonial-era folk tales. In 2014, the plan is to include some heavy nonfiction based on our work with the I Ching and interfaith activities.


Poetry, prayer, meditation, and blessing is an important part of our work. Not only can you find our impressive collection of such things in the Prayers and Meditations section, but you may expect new offerings every week on Mondays and Tuesdays (because it’s the beginning of the week, after all).


One of today’s BIGGEST (and perhaps least expected) announcements is our return into the realm of politics. Starting tomorrow, we’re launching the Friday Junkie series in which we’ll discuss current events and in-depth happenings around the world from the most wizardly perspective available. These weekly posts will be archived in the Worldly Concerns section of the site.


Our examination of the I Ching, the Days of Change series, which has been on hold since September, will resume next week as we continue on through the second half of the ancient Chinese text. Expect weekly entries.


Now, one of my greatest crimes as wizard has always been my lack of punctuality and, sometimes, my neglect in properly examining (or even noticing) the changes in the solar calendar and the holidays/holy days that mark these changes. This is, of course, one of my greatest complaints about society, making my poor performance all the worse. But when I remember to do my job well, you’ll find these examinations in our Wheel of the Year section.


You’ll find everything else filed under Wizardry. Each week – at minimum, every two weeks – I plan to provide a simple Wizard’s Address/Sermon/Comment. What will be brand new to our efforts is the introduction of VIDEO. That’s right, keep your eyes peeled. By end of month, we should be going live with our very first Wizard of Monadnock video.




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