Trips Elsewhere

Here be found the tales of old and tales of new, the “fictional” stories that tell the mythic side of our experience.

The Dude Who Just Wanted to Walk

A legend you’ve absolutely never heard before and an old reader favorite. Find out what happens when he just wants to walk
wizardwalkingThere once was a man, and all he wanted to do was walk on the earth. That’s all he wanted to do. It’s all he could even conceive of doing. Everything else seemed strange to him. Only walking on the earth seemed normal, seemed sensible… Continue Reading

The Story of the Steward

He’s got a title but no name, looks old but isn’t, and lives in a house outside of time.
hermitsteward2His sole responsibility is maintenance – to keep the lights on, to ensure the door is open to any who seek entrance, to keep the table set, the food hot, and to maintain certain spiritual conditions that make all of the rest possible… Continue Reading

Papa’s Pile

My best (well, my only) children’s story.
Red sunset in a winter forest, RussiaJoey was seven and had just started second grade, which was cool. It had been a few months already, he was used to it, and he had decided that he liked it. He liked his friends and he liked his teacher. He liked the books they read, and he thought it was cool when they got to talk about science sometimes. Some of the units on history, like the Ancient Romans… Continue Reading

The Old Forest

An introductory myth about our history and surroundings.
WZZ6W002IKNow it is a well-known fact that the whole of the forests of our region are extremely young as far as large forests are concerned. Our forebears—cultural if not genetic—in their zeal to make their mark and craft a new world in their imagine consumed the Old Forest that ruled this land for thousands of years. To be sure, the Forest had been trimmed many a time over the ages, shrinking for a time and then growing back again. But this was different. No less than all of the Old Forest was required… Continue Reading

The Tale With the Hidden Meaning

This one’s a true story, no lie.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJUST OFF THE NEAR-MYTHIC HIGH GREEN PINE HIGHWAY lies the hidden little town. It’s not hidden because of magic or the supernatural but because there’s nothing there but a few farms and a thousand or so people and because it’s pretty much impossible to drive there by accident. The ancient colonial town square, so very New England in its character and even its modesty, is crisscrossed by four different roads leading in and out… Continue Reading

Secrets of a Harvest Moon

A gonzo journey through a dreamscape you might find familiar.

EndymionNet4.7x6.3-30qFour AM, damn near the navel of the sacred-of-ages forests of southern New Hampshire. The brilliant silvery reign of the Harvest Moon continues yet unabated, the lateness of the year’s own hour betrayed by the relative absence of any of the harbinger’s of dawn. The fake aurora borealis, however, those orangey slivers above Nashua and Fitchburg spriting it up in the clouds tonight, have begun to dim and make way, if not for the sun… Continue Reading

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