Comedy Laughs

No real explanation required, here. We need to laugh. Here’s how.

10 or 11 Pics of Robert de Niro with my Random Thoughts Thrown in There

Robert de Niro, actor.
Robert de Niro, actor.

Robert de Niro is a positive thing. Thoughts are also, undeniably, a positive thing. What happens when you combine Robert de Niro with a collection of my random, unconnected thoughts conveniently displayed using bullet points? Positive + positive = pure gold, my friends. This will be the highlight of your day… Continue Reading

The Battle for NH9 Could be the Political Story of the Year

Source: Bedford Journal
Source: Bedford Journal

One of the most classic and famous pieces of NH political writing IN HISTORY!!

Way back in May 2013, long before the obsessive media speculation over the state senate race in New Hampshire’s 9th district, WMUR powerhouse James Pindell asked the prescient question: “If Lee Nyquist announces he will run for state Senate again will that force Andy Sanborn to seek higher office?” Fate and destiny have since decided that question for us… Continue Reading

Coyote Carlos’ Almanac: A Wizard of Monadnock Exclusive

You won’t find excerpts of this ancient and hard to pin down almanac anywhere else.


Introducing Coyote Carlos’ Almanac


When introducing a figure like Coyote Carlos, it’s easier to start by listing off the things I don’t know about him. He’s a mysterious character, to say the lease. I don’t know how old he is (he’s given me age ranges from 21 to 876 at different times). I don’t really know where he comes from (his answers are invariably vague: “the woods” or “the hills” or “the other side of the veil”). I can’t even tell you for sure if we should trust him… Continue Reading

Coyote Carlos’ Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Health


  1. Health without rich and fulfilling enjoyment is the shiny aluminum frame on a car with no engine…. See More!

Coyote Carlos’ Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the Workplace


  1. Do not make the mistake of over-emphasizing a division between “work time” and “personal time.” When you die, you’ll discover that all the time comprised the days of your life. Any time you didn’t consider yours is time you freely threw away. (Not to mention the fact that some consider throwing away time of life to be a grave sin.)… See More!

Coyote Carlos’ Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Family Life (public domain image)

  1. It is essential that you love your spouse, but a happy life is only possible if you also like your spouse…. See More!


A Rare Glimpse Inside the Mind of a Sleep-Deprived Wizard


Last week, I worked 25.5 hours in a 32-hour period, leaving virtually zero time for sleep. Just before leaving work at midnight, technically Thursday morning, I decided the best way to stay awake on the ride home was to find a speech-to-text app and yell at my phone the whole way home. I was right. The following represents carefully curated excerpts from this sleep-deprived diatribe… Continue Reading

Despite Controversy, Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to Santa Claus


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Reiterating his administration’s commitment to pervasive and widely criticized NSA intelligence gathering, along with the importance of the glimmering Christmas spirit within his own heart, President Barack Obama today presented the Medal of Freedom to Santa Claus and thirteen other political and cultural honorees both living and dead in a ceremony at the White House… Continue Reading

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