Episode 10 – A Midsummer Night’s Trip, Part 1



Notes for Episode 9 – “They Let Him Sing – Special May Day Edition”

They Let Oteil Sing If this doesn't give you goosebumps, you have no soul. I've listened to this like 17 times. We got a sponsor - go to toastershades.com immediately. Don't be plain. Don't be a bum. This summer, be the one with the one-of-a-kind shades. Enter promo code WIZARD at checkout for $5 off [...]

Notes for Episode 7 – “Holy Week” with Revolutionary Pastor Dave Capozzi

At long last! Here's our notes! As promised, as always, please head over and take a peek at the Patreon. Become a real blessed pilgrim and get prizes for your patronage! Yes, it's true - I'm running for Library Trustee of Peterborough. The campaign is only four weeks long, so I'm not setting up a [...]

Notes for Episode 6 – “Piloting the Spaceship” with artist Tom Jenks

Episode Notes! Check out Tom Jenks Art Immediately: Tom Jenks Art online store Like TJA on Facebook Tom's gallery opening in Worcester THIS WEDNESDAY and remaining on display for the month of April! (I am seriously pissed that I cannot go to this - I wouldn't miss it if I were you.) Some of my favorites: [...]

Notes for Episode 5 – “THE EYEDS OF MARCH” with The Weather Man of WEATHER IS HAPPENING

Episode Notes! For more WEATHER IS HAPPENING: "The Webzone" Weather Man profile from the Boston Metro WEATHER IS HAPPENING on Facebook Support the WIH Patreon (Weather Man says he doesn't wanna push this but I don't care, this is an operation that is worth your dollar) For a rare glimpse inside the Weather Lair: A typical [...]