I totally wasn’t done – there’s meteors and Jerry Garcia and PLANS

That's what happens when I get started. Few more things I wanted to go over that didn't make it into this morning's post. DON'T FORGET THE METEORS Everybody wants to talk about the upcoming eclipse. All eclipse all the time. Eclipse eclipse eclipse, yeah, yeah. Am I bitter and jealous because I didn't make special [...]


This Year, Equinox Week is Election Week (Dispatches from Campaign HQ)

Bet you didn't know we did elections at the Wizard of Monadnock. Until a couple weeks ago, neither did me. How and when exactly this little endeavor came to me, I can't quite recall. The fact of the matter is, I sprang right into action, putting together a democratic election apparatus and inventing bylaws and [...]

Take the Wizard No Fear 2k17 Support Challenge Today – It’s Easy!

Will you stand up and say “I am not afraid!”? CAN YOU HANDLE THE *WIZARD NO FEAR 2K17 SUPPORT CHALLENGE*?? It's open season out there. Will you stand up and join others all across the globe in declaring that WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED OR LIVE IN FEAR OF WIZARDS AND THEIR FRIENDSHIP? This morning [...]

I am doing NaNoWriMo – AND I NEED YOUR HELP!

I need your peer pressure in order to make this happen. Your peer pressure - harsh and brutal if necessary - is my only hope. It's November again, obviously, and as I kept getting nagging spam emails from the NaNoWriMo people, I slowly succumbed to the allure of Why not? You should know, this is maybe [...]

You can take your pumpkin spice lattes and….

All you fall-lovers can go to hell. Happy Autumnal Equinox, you smug bastards. All right, all right, enough of that. I'm baiting you and indulging myself - on purpose, of course. The truth, as ever, is more complicated. My baiting indulgence and cruel cursing is rooted in a couple of factors. For one, I've noticed a [...]

This Week’s Mysticological Forecast

That app on your phone can tell you - honestly or as a lie - whether it's gonna rain or not, but none of you (yet) have an app that examines forecasting models for upcoming spiritual weather fronts, that examines a hard-to-find astral-plane radar map for events, visitors, and obstacles to come. And frankly I'm [...]