Celebrate the Fresh Green

What a special Saturday morning tomorrow will be. Go outside and take a deep breath of what hits you. Buds bursting everywhere, temperatures sparking upward, the fresh young sun just beginning to bake that dank post-winter earth. It’s a special day, it’s a special time of year, and it’s time to celebrate. Life is comingContinue reading “Celebrate the Fresh Green”

I Don’t Hate New Hampshire After All

Lest anyone be confused, this is actually an Easter post. Bonding with a Tree It’s during this time of the year in particular, early to mid-spring, I think back to my days as a kid in a quiet and rural town in north-central Massachusetts. I always liked to climb trees, scrambling much higher than my motherContinue reading “I Don’t Hate New Hampshire After All”

Don’t let Spring Club you Over the Head

The Meaning of Imbolc Ever heard of the holiday “Imbolc”? Probably definitely not. For starters, it’s really boring. It’s almost certainly ill-timed, and it’s arguably unnecessary. Seriously, I think the even pagans, who ostensibly observe it, are bored to tears by it. Everybody knows about the “quarter days” of the solar calendar—the beginnings of winterContinue reading “Don’t let Spring Club you Over the Head”

2013: Year of Liberation? (A Cosmic Forecast for the New Year)

As our days of never-ending festival draw sadly to a close, it seems a good time to take a quick peek at the cosmic forecast and what the indicated outlook for the year might be. It seems, my friends, that it could be the year in which we taste true freedom, if only we areContinue reading “2013: Year of Liberation? (A Cosmic Forecast for the New Year)”

Days of Opportunity

And so we arrive at 2013. Let us begin the New Year with a simple blessing: In the coming year, as you travel to and fro, may smiling alpacas be waiting to greet you at the end of all your journeys. To mark this important time of the year, celebrated by the planet itself onContinue reading “Days of Opportunity”

Set the Table: A Yuletide Meditation on Eternity and Time and How to Deal With It

Within the boundless confines of the Universe, with her astoundingly vast manifestations and incomprehensibly infinite potentialities, there can be found rooms that exist outside of what we commonly perceive to be time. In another recent post, I introduced a phenomenon I will call time-independent memory. This is when the brain perceives the nature of certain peopleContinue reading “Set the Table: A Yuletide Meditation on Eternity and Time and How to Deal With It”

Let’s Toast to Better Days (Yo Saturnalia!)

It is told in the old tales of a god who came to rule the land for a time. He arrived from places unknown, not with glory but instead as a fugitive. Instead of taking out his mysterious frustrations on the people through oppression, he gathered them together, binding them in perfect peace and unityContinue reading “Let’s Toast to Better Days (Yo Saturnalia!)”

Celebrate – It’s Not ALL Terrible!

Even if you kind of hate Christmas (a sentiment I understand, having spent several years living it out), the absolute worst thing you can do during this season is fail to celebrate. Whether this failure is due to an embrace of the spirit of Scrooge or simply to our tendencies to go through the motionsContinue reading “Celebrate – It’s Not ALL Terrible!”

It is the Season of Death – Let us Celebrate Together

Summer is gone. Long gone. It’s over. The light is getting low. We haven’t even ended daylight savings time yet, and already it’s dark at what seems an impossibly early hour. The light is getting weak, too. Even the warm days that still roll our way have no staying power. The moment the sun beginsContinue reading “It is the Season of Death – Let us Celebrate Together”