The Hipsters are Right: Time is a Vinyl Record

“You don’t think this world is any less real than the one you left, do you? Everything that ever happened to you is real, even your dreams. Them, most of all. There are many worlds, many cities, and all of them are just shock-waves spreading out from one single moment of clarity and understanding. Ripples.”Continue reading “The Hipsters are Right: Time is a Vinyl Record”

Hold away despair

Last week, I heard a 16-year-old violinist on the radio paraphrasing a Catholic priest who said that prayer set to music counts three times as much as a regular prayer. Leaving aside the numerous problems with this idea – I mean, for starters, even if we assume prayer is a real thing, what does itContinue reading “Hold away despair”

A Letter to my Newborn Son

I’m writing this post from a tiny little cot in a minimum security prison hospital. If the county lockup hospital had known my wife and I were coming here to have our baby, they’d likely have set aside a room for us with at least a double-sized bed that we could share together. They didn’tContinue reading “A Letter to my Newborn Son”

The Wizard’s Midsummer’s Night Monadnock Adventure: Part 2 (A Photo Journey)

Yesterday, when we left off, our heroes (myself included) were scaling Monadnock’s final stretch, that place mostly above the artificial treeline where you think you’re there already but there’s at least a half hour to go and you’re very, very tired and kind of staggering along. That’s how the experience is for me, anyway. TheContinue reading “The Wizard’s Midsummer’s Night Monadnock Adventure: Part 2 (A Photo Journey)”

The Wizard’s Midsummer’s Night Monadnock Adventure: Part 1 (A Photo Journey)

As is only fitting for 2013’s Day of Longest Light, and in keeping with my general tendencies toward wildness and not thinking things through, on the evening of June 21, I set out to climb my beloved mountain. This is a chronicle of that fateful and life-changing trek into the heights of divine communion andContinue reading “The Wizard’s Midsummer’s Night Monadnock Adventure: Part 1 (A Photo Journey)”

Which way to the Banquet? Midsummer’s Day Six

Way back in December, I posted this crazy rambling rant exploring ways to cope with eternity even though our brains can never quite grasp it and even though random effects of eternity sometimes intrude into our daily lives and thoughts and dreams. Even as solstices themselves are made to look arbitrary in the face of theContinue reading “Which way to the Banquet? Midsummer’s Day Six”

Spirit as Tall as the Mountain, as Wide as the Sea

This morning, a return to the more personal and practical—if ever a wizard can be said to be focused on the truly “practical” for any length of time. Yet, indeed, even a wizard such as I may be drawn down to the lowly temporal by the petty circumstances and trivial victories and defeats of theContinue reading “Spirit as Tall as the Mountain, as Wide as the Sea”

Meditation on a Mountain

It might strike some as curious on a site that takes its name from a wizard who takes his title from the particular mountain, Monadnock, that we have never really discussed the mountain itself outside of the moniker. This is an unintentional omission on my part. I often find that I fail to differentiate betweenContinue reading “Meditation on a Mountain”