New Story: Tale of a Lost Worker

If you happened to see any of my hints and teasers regarding our updated Books page, you may already know that my first novel, You’d Guess From Their Cries, is now available via e-book from Amazon. It’s a story told in three parts, and before I tell you to buy it, I’m going to share theContinue reading “New Story: Tale of a Lost Worker”

A Wizard’s Love Song

The truth is, it’s great to be back after my two-week Solstice Break, but I’d be telling a grievous lie if I said I didn’t enjoy it immensely. I disconnected with the news just a little bit – although admittedly that’s an easier proposition during these typically quiet weeks. I read far more than usual. IContinue reading “A Wizard’s Love Song”

Papa’s Pile: A Children’s Story

To celebrate the wonders of the season, I’ve taken this opportunity to clean up my act, sweeten my disposition, and write a Christmas-solstice-New-Year story for children. It’s a good story, though maybe not a practical one for children. It’s too long for a kid under six or seven, at any rate (though as that correspondsContinue reading “Papa’s Pile: A Children’s Story”

Friday Fiction: The Daily Agenda

TRAVIS ANGLETON REALLY HATED RICE. He had never been a fan of actually eating it, even as a very small child, and ten years of working in the rice business had turned a mild distaste into a visceral loathing. “I really hate rice,” he said. “You know how much I hate rice.” “I know youContinue reading “Friday Fiction: The Daily Agenda”

The Old Forest: An Introductory Myth

Now it is a well-known fact that the whole of the forests of our region are extremely young as far as large forests are concerned. Our forebears—cultural if not genetic—in their zeal to make their mark and craft a new world in their imagine consumed the Old Forest that ruled this land for thousands ofContinue reading “The Old Forest: An Introductory Myth”