Obstacles: Monday’s Prayer

 A simple prayer:As we begin this week,May we meet any obstacles encountered before us on our paths with both strength and humility.May we know when not to rush head-on into conflict; grant us the wisdom to know the proper time for pause, retreat, and preparation.Grant us, as well, the confidence and awareness to self-examine, self-indict, … Continue reading Obstacles: Monday’s Prayer

New Week, New Year, New Blessing

Happy new year, happy new moon, happy new week. As we approach the beginnings of things, Our days still short, nights still long, Weather still horrible for months to come, May we approach only after we take a deep breath, Only after we allow a moment of quiet, Only if we release the heaviness of … Continue reading New Week, New Year, New Blessing

Tuesday Blessing: Bright Moon, Long Nights

The light of our full moon is bright as it sets this morning. We've watched it grow, and now that growth is complete. May we understand those aspects of our own lives that have grown with it. The light of our sun, our blessed life-giver, It is at its lowest this week, and we've long … Continue reading Tuesday Blessing: Bright Moon, Long Nights

Monday Blessing: Slap a Bow on it and Stick it Under the Tree

May good fortune attend you by fire or through snow, In security or lack thereof, May the ripe potential we hold today burst forth manifest in the year to come. Until that transition is complete, let us pause to the benefit of our soul's cardiac health. May smiling alpacas be waiting to greet you at … Continue reading Monday Blessing: Slap a Bow on it and Stick it Under the Tree

Thursday Blessings in the Air

  Before our blessing, a kind request: please continue to direct any spare good vibes you have lying around to our comrade Mike, who is out of the hospital and still on the mend, and our family member Tommy. These guys need a boost. Much thx - the Wiz. Thanksgiving was late and Advent is … Continue reading Thursday Blessings in the Air

Blessing for Monday Morning: Let’s Make it Good

As we start our week, a blessing: Here, this morning, in the midst of All There Is, Here, we pause to ponder. This week, we shall give our thanks -  And may we do so with sincerity and the force of the fullness of our hearts. Not only do we owe it, but we need … Continue reading Blessing for Monday Morning: Let’s Make it Good

Jerome the Comforter

The following is an exclusive excerpt from Night of the Unemployed Wizard, a collection of poetry and songs and the very first Wizard of Monadnock Book. (It's only a buck!) All ‘cross the land, the people disheartened, Many souls done been put through the ringer; Tho’ much is to be said of poets and their … Continue reading Jerome the Comforter

For Monday: The Midnight Prayer

The following is excerpted from the forthcoming debut of Wizard of Monadnock books, Night of the Unemployed Wizard. ...that's right, we're going to have Wizard BOOKS soon. More announcements to follow. Great Mystery I stand before you, beneath you, amidst you. You remind me always of my smallness. I'm not the Universe, just a tiny speck … Continue reading For Monday: The Midnight Prayer

To Seeds Planted Long Ago: A Simple Prayer

That we reap what we sow is neither good nor bad. It just is.  Let us accept that, Let us breathe that, Let it become part of us - and us of it. It is the time of the harvest. The pinnacle of this year has long since past, Even as we hurtle toward the … Continue reading To Seeds Planted Long Ago: A Simple Prayer

Happy Solstice Morn! It’s the Longest Day of the Year!

Six months ago, the new light was born, Half year later, its victorious morn. The promises made in darkest of days, Fulfilled when the sun stops dead now to blaze. What recently only had the potential to be, The sun shines bright so permits us now to see. What stiffness in our backs, whate'er our … Continue reading Happy Solstice Morn! It’s the Longest Day of the Year!