Let’s meditate on defiant determination

So much of what we experience is bound up with defeat – coping with it, admitting it, staving it off, fearing it, dreading it, etc. Consequently, much of our thoughts and contemplations are bound up in it as well. It’s natural and rational. It’s easy to feel defeated (or on the verge thereof) because weContinue reading “Let’s meditate on defiant determination”

I said hi to a hunter in the sky: A constellation meditation

Last week, late one night, Orion rolled up over the side of the horizon. I hadn’t seen the rough old bastard in a while. I never see him in the summer. So I said hey, what’s up. I don’t care for the winter, but it’s good to see you again. Everybody knows it’s time forContinue reading “I said hi to a hunter in the sky: A constellation meditation”

On a scale of 1 to 10, how alive are you?

Seriously. Think of all the moments you spend alive, all the things you do in the day-to-day, as existing within varying degrees of “living” and “dead.” There’s no shame in admitting that a lot of what we do has a certain level of “dead” attached to it. I’ll admit it right now, and I’m aContinue reading “On a scale of 1 to 10, how alive are you?”

Promise on the Way

The summer’s trail swings low and then high, The Milky Way may be but a path to hell, Among enemies, naysayers, annum trevails by and by, Even as many remain who yet wish us well. Grand Sol beats down on pines, fields of green, The hills doth make haste to respond, All while mysteries flutterContinue reading “Promise on the Way”

Meditation: A solstice begs the question

Rhetorical confusion and half-baked rumination is easily dismissed but often the only way to depict certain aspects of our existence as they really are. The significance behind the solstice, to us, can well be said to be one of those aspects. May the light, the warmth, the clarity of the sun’s most flawless annual blastContinue reading “Meditation: A solstice begs the question”

If you really wanna be cool, be like this tree

Whenever you can (which, I concede, for the vast majority of us will mean “almost never”), try and greet each dawn the same way, for each dawn is the same. That is to say, each dawn is worth no more and no less than any other. It is only our perceptions of them – ourContinue reading “If you really wanna be cool, be like this tree”

Feel the Water Flowing Through You, Maaaaan – It’s Spring!

Monday again. It’s probably time to do something that you don’t want to do. You might spend most of the day ahead doing something you don’t want to do. I’m sorry. I’m probably right there in the same boat. But I guarantee you if you just take a minute to think about this, it’ll beContinue reading “Feel the Water Flowing Through You, Maaaaan – It’s Spring!”

How Many Smiling Alpacas Can we fit into One Simple Prayer? Click to find out!

  When the snow ceases at long last to fall – Though few remain long enough to ever know – The sky at long last clears of clouded shroud, The stars beyond at long last revealed once more, And it’s late as the moon rises, Formidable yet waning down over the new-fallen snow.   HowContinue reading “How Many Smiling Alpacas Can we fit into One Simple Prayer? Click to find out!”

Know that Moment Right Before Things Begin? This will blow your mind.

Mind. Blown. Wow. Haha okay, sorry, all of that was just a dirty trick. I wanted to do a little experiment to see if using an Upworthy-style headline generated more hits. The following simple meditation is cool, but it’s probably not going to blow your mind or shake your world. Since you’re here, though, whyContinue reading “Know that Moment Right Before Things Begin? This will blow your mind.”

Monday Prayer: That We Would Have Responsible Hope

May we find our positions strong, if only for a moment. May we catch a whiff in the air of liberation and deliverance only just beginning to emerge from the shadows, But may we take it for what it is and nothing more, May we not get carried away. May we ever seek justice, YetContinue reading “Monday Prayer: That We Would Have Responsible Hope”