A Seductive Display of Vanity

Picture of one human under vast skies, Feet planted in the sand; To the human, the stance is firm, But we know better - Don't we? With no intent toward subtracting a single atom from the worth of the one, Surely we must know and see those feet Planted in that surf-pounded sand, 'neath those … Continue reading A Seductive Display of Vanity

Remember the Joke! (A Meditation)

Is it indeed so easy to blow away? To be absorbed at last by all there is? We make it seem so hard - or perhaps so undesirable. WE RESIST. Perhaps we need to believe it's hard; Were it to be too easy, we risk acknowledging our fragility. Cry, however, Cry with lifted shaken fist - … Continue reading Remember the Joke! (A Meditation)

A Bridge Between Here and Gone

For all who’ve gone yet still remain, For all that’s crumbled yet still stands, For everything that today stands walled off - - yet still freely accessible, For all that’s lost that we still yet possess, For all we’ve left behind yet still see before us - … … - Whatever may be out there … Continue reading A Bridge Between Here and Gone

The auto-da-fé

It won't stop snowing. This isn't funny anymore. If it ever was. Not now. Not now that this may be the winter of our undoing. 'Tis the season of bad moons and black moons, cold stars and colder sunlight. 'Tis the season of ever winter and never Christmas. 'Tis the season of the Inquisitor. All … Continue reading The auto-da-fé

A simple curse of damnation

[Wizard's Editorial Note: Now, it wouldn't be very much like me - nor would it be very much like this blog - to devolve into a death-spiral of the power of positive thinking. Thanksgiving is important - and should dominate this period of time, but if we leave unsaid gratitude's opposite - those things we … Continue reading A simple curse of damnation

A simple prayer of thanks

For all our loves and kinsfolk, living and even dead, for all the different things that comprise the measures we use in the accounting of this thing we call our life, we give thanks. For all new life, new people, new vigor that has come to us this year, we give our thanks. For all … Continue reading A simple prayer of thanks

Intro to giving thanks – some basic guidelines

I have a cold and cynical side, and I have a depressed and defeated side. Often, as is true of late, I experience both in tandem. Gratitude and thanksgiving are very important things to which one must give oneself over, and I suppose you could say the season for such things comes at a very … Continue reading Intro to giving thanks – some basic guidelines

Don’t give yourself a heart attack: A meditation

Careening in the background, uncontrollably and at a breakneck, toward the mid-autumnal new moon - and its priestess-goddess and all she and it might portend - the question of the hour is whether the dawn is the most personal or the most impersonal of all the phenomena of wonder to which we are regularly and often … Continue reading Don’t give yourself a heart attack: A meditation

Lamvánontas cháos: A meditation

A sword stabs the flower, The petals begin to fall. You always know the full moon will rise and set on time; It's those half moons. You know what I mean. Always setting too early or too late, And it's unsettling, if you notice. It's never enough merely to be creative; One must actually be … Continue reading Lamvánontas cháos: A meditation