A wizard’s summer vacation (Happy solstice!)

The end of the year, the beginning of winter, the year’s darkest days, the period we commonly think of as Christmastime – this is undeniably a magical time. As the cold and darkness surround us, we are warmed by our spirits and our companionship; facing the difficult days ahead, we are yet filled with mirth andContinue reading “A wizard’s summer vacation (Happy solstice!)”

Greg was right and I need to lighten up

All right, before you get all worried and start sending me frantic Facebook messages, Twitter DMs, and emails asking me if I am okay, please read on. I’m not completely admitting I’m wrong, here. Just partially. (And, really, when am I ever okay?) To read the full hash of the Great Jon Stewart Liberal-vs-Leftist Debate, withContinue reading “Greg was right and I need to lighten up”

The wizard presents…|Important and useless reminders, in no particular order

The wizard presents…|Important and useless reminders, in no particular order Submit ideas for Wizard posts, topics to cover, special projects, and whatever else – wizardofmonadnock@gmail.com You are going to die. We could all stand to learn a lot more from rivers and streams (and brooks – don’t forget about brooks) Sometimes, when overtaken by boredomContinue reading “The wizard presents…|Important and useless reminders, in no particular order”

Pumpkin riots in the place where all good souls go to die

An exclusive glimpse into New England’s weirdest little city, why pumpkins cause riots, and why cops should have fewer war toys Where have you gone, Keene, New Hampshire? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo woo woo – reluctantly and with a collective shake of the head. This year, Keene’s pride and joy,Continue reading “Pumpkin riots in the place where all good souls go to die”

Secrets of a harvest moon

Four AM, damn near the navel of the sacred-of-ages forests of southern New Hampshire. The brilliant silvery reign of the Harvest Moon continues yet unabated, the lateness of the year’s own hour betrayed by the relative absence of any of the harbinger’s of dawn. The fake aurora borealis, however, those orangey slivers above Nashua andContinue reading “Secrets of a harvest moon”

Kicking off an exciting fall season at WoM

It might still be hot and muggy in New England, but don’t let that fool you. Another equinox lies just around the bend, and another harvest season is upon us. But morn not the passing of the light and the warmth! The fall holds many exciting things in store here at the Wizard of Monadnock.Continue reading “Kicking off an exciting fall season at WoM”

Taking a vacation from a vacation while on vacation

As this week – my first paid vacation week in almost exactly a year – winds to a close, we simultaneously bear down on Lammas, which marks the transition from the heart of summer to the earliest incarnations of the harvest. Without sermonizing (yet – there’s still plenty of time), I find myself with aContinue reading “Taking a vacation from a vacation while on vacation”

The Wizard’s New Clothes

If you’ve ever been here before, you’re probably wondering what the hell happened. Well, to state the obvious, I’ve gone ahead and redesigned the site again. Upon arrival, you’ve been greeted by our brand new slider showcasing the latest and best posts. Whether you’re into spirituality, politics, meditation, the I Ching, or wild and crazy stories,Continue reading “The Wizard’s New Clothes”


  Starting today and extending through the end of the weekend, you can download the first novel available from Wizard of Monadnock Books FREE! Check it out here! Can true love survive if ordinary people are hopelessly divided? Can we banish God with depravity or indifference? Is the only true recourse to youthful despair intoxicatedContinue reading “THREE DAYS OF HERESY – FREE VALENTINE’S WEEKEND PROMO”

HELP: The Only Way I Will Know if I was Right is if You Tell Me

  A year ago, I decided get the best view I could, stand up tall, and try and forecast the content, character, and rhythm of the year that then lay before us. Not merely a prediction, the aim was also to incorporate helpful ways in which we might respond to our conditions to take advantageContinue reading “HELP: The Only Way I Will Know if I was Right is if You Tell Me”