If freedom isn’t free, how come I can’t sell it?

I don’t know about you, but I would sell it and use the money to get something more practical. Why would anyone want to sell their freedom? That sounds awful! But when you think about it, “freedom” isn’t much of anything at all. I’m just saying. Maybe we could all be a little less clingy aboutContinue reading “If freedom isn’t free, how come I can’t sell it?”

I am so going to jail one day

Really, guys, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it – I’m cool with it. Definitely no reason for you to worry about it. Sometimes life, in rather large ways, doesn’t turn out “right.” Certain aspects of capital-R Reality aren’t going to conform to our expectations. Our challenge is to grasp this, to accept it, and toContinue reading “I am so going to jail one day”

Hey Greg, Jon Stewart sucks!

My sister thinks I’m too mean to people on Facebook. She’s probably right – or maybe definitely right. I’ve told her so. I’ve been trying to do better. But this is a story – in fact, it’s part one of a two-part story – about a Facebook argument. This will only sound boring to thoseContinue reading “Hey Greg, Jon Stewart sucks!”

9/11: 13 Years and we’ve learned nothing good

If it seems like I’m talking more about Hunter S. Thompson all of a sudden, I won’t apologize for it – we are, after all, approaching the ten-year anniversary of his death. I’ve spent much of that decade away from the Good Doctor – had some other things to explore – but of late I’veContinue reading “9/11: 13 Years and we’ve learned nothing good”

Important announcement: I know nothing about New Hampshire politics

You know what I’m not in the mood for? Midterm elections. 2014 has caught me in a foul political temper, and my early 2004 self is very disappointed. He was the guy who loved every political twist and turn, relished the gamesmanship of the two party system, who went to Faneuil Hall from 11 pmContinue reading “Important announcement: I know nothing about New Hampshire politics”

Me and Trotsky walk into a Market Basket (Why I am a bad socialist)

I am a bad socialist. Well, I don’t necessarily think I’m bad, but I can see why other socialists would think so. In fact, they’re quite justified to think so. Perhaps nothing sheds more light on just how bad a socialist I am than my reaction to this summer’s worker uprising at Market Basket. ForContinue reading “Me and Trotsky walk into a Market Basket (Why I am a bad socialist)”

An open letter to the workers of Market Basket

To all the workers of Market Basket: It is not nearly enough to say that I support you, that I stand with you, that I respect every one of you, and that I admire your resolve and your accomplishments with all my heart. Having the courage to risk everything to defend what you have andContinue reading “An open letter to the workers of Market Basket”

Eric Cantor: Requiem for a Rat

It’s not always tragic when a young gun is cut down in his prime. It’s not often these days that I see merit in talking much about two-party national politics, but the shocking and unexpected political demise of House Majority Leader Eric Ivan Cantor is impossible to ignore. Granted, I write about politics, and thisContinue reading “Eric Cantor: Requiem for a Rat”

Election is not a Dirty Word

Guys, let’s win. After all these decades of defeat, infighting, and general obscurity, the time is now for the left to develop a broad, cooperative national strategic framework. Ours is no age for complacent, self-satisfied defeat, ideological purity video games, or boutique dilettante circle-jerking. If we make a run at it, we’ve got a shot. No run,Continue reading “Election is not a Dirty Word”

You really gotta know about what’s going on in Seattle

  I went a little wild for a few minutes on May 1 when I read that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was announcing a plan to roll out a citywide $15 per hour minimum wage over the next few years. A major US city was actually going to set the example for the whole nationContinue reading “You really gotta know about what’s going on in Seattle”