About the Wizard of Monadnock

In a sense, you could say it’s strange that I like religion and politics so much considering how little they’ve ever done for me. I’m surprised no one has ever called me out on this before. But let’s be honest. Has either ever really been helpful to you? If you’re like most people in AmericaContinue reading “About the Wizard of Monadnock”

Wizard of Monadnock Books

YOU’D GUESS FROM THEIR CRIES One Heretic’s Quest for Salvation A Novel in Three Parts Price: $2.99 “The setting — small-town New Hampshire — is perhaps the true main character, even more so than the eponymous hero of the story. And while often sparsely described, by the end of the 98 pages, there’s a troublingContinue reading “Wizard of Monadnock Books”

Who am I and What on Earth am I Doing?

“It’s not men’s minds that are at stake, but their consciousness, their awareness. This isn’t a struggle over a market area. Make no mistake about it. This is a struggle over what’s to be judged valuable in the universe. Outside, they value whatever can be measured, counted or tabulated. Here, we go by different standards.”Continue reading “Who am I and What on Earth am I Doing?”