Wizard of Monadnock Books

YOU'D GUESS FROM THEIR CRIES One Heretic's Quest for Salvation A Novel in Three Parts Price: $2.99 "The setting -- small-town New Hampshire -- is perhaps the true main character, even more so than the eponymous hero of the story. And while often sparsely described, by the end of the 98 pages, there's a troubling … Continue reading Wizard of Monadnock Books

Who am I and What on Earth am I Doing?

“It’s not men’s minds that are at stake, but their consciousness, their awareness. This isn’t a struggle over a market area. Make no mistake about it. This is a struggle over what’s to be judged valuable in the universe. Outside, they value whatever can be measured, counted or tabulated. Here, we go by different standards.” … Continue reading Who am I and What on Earth am I Doing?