Only You Can Moment

I know a place,But can’t take you there.I know the way,But won’t tell you where. It’s a clearing of sea grass,On top of bald mountain,By the deserted city lagoon,In the empty concrete fountain. It’s a secret ship on a secret river,Shining spotlight in the night,Near the criminal after curfew,Running through space without fight. It’s windContinue reading “Only You Can Moment”

The Old Forest: An Introductory Myth

Now it is a well-known fact that the whole of the forests of our region are extremely young as far as large forests are concerned. Our forebears—cultural if not genetic—in their zeal to make their mark and craft a new world in their imagine consumed the Old Forest that ruled this land for thousands ofContinue reading “The Old Forest: An Introductory Myth”

Who am I and What on Earth am I Doing?

“It’s not men’s minds that are at stake, but their consciousness, their awareness. This isn’t a struggle over a market area. Make no mistake about it. This is a struggle over what’s to be judged valuable in the universe. Outside, they value whatever can be measured, counted or tabulated. Here, we go by different standards.”Continue reading “Who am I and What on Earth am I Doing?”