Careening Toward a Solstice

This is the season of the forest fairies and the drunken wood-elves, of light and gold and burning life.

I cannot overstate how much I love the month of June.

These past couple of months seem to have blasted by, an edgy jumble of harsh chaos accompanied by an undercurrent of confidence that all is as it should be. (Don’t ask me to explain that, because that’s the best I can do.)

Less than three weeks until the solstice, and I’ve got a lot to say – much more than I’m going to say here and now – but let me throw a few things out there to get things started:

  • First, the obligatory: we’ve blown through the equinox and then Beltane and the planting season is nearly behind us. Hopefully, if there are things we hope to get out of this year, we’ve done a little planting. If not, we’ve still got a very small amount of time to do so. If I’m talking to you, don’t wait. Do it now.
  • And maybe the things you are working on planting right now are things that aren’t just for this year and won’t be harvested this fall, things that will take a couple extra years to turn into what they’re destined to become – and that’s okay too.
  • But enough about that – I’m gonna go into it in a special obligatory podcast episode next week. In any case, I’ve actually done tons of planting, I’m not worried or rushed at all, and I’m gonna enjoy that and not waste too much time handwringing about time running out.
  • Stand before the Milky Way in awe.
  • Stick to the program.
  • Even as I’ve been swept around by a sense of great movement that never seemed to let up, I unexpectedly find myself entering this glorious season mostly in a spirit of humble (well, almost) devotion that approaches a sort of sacred surrender. And I mean that in a positive way.
  • Watch The Tree of Life.
  • Go with the cycles, go with the seasons.

There’s a lot more to talk about and at least one new podcast episode dropping this week, so stay vigilant.


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