Ode to This Time

It was the winter of the morning star,

Especially the second half.

When she hovered with terrifying grace for months off the edge of the crescent moon – and some of you know what that means.

It was the winter of the coyote, appearing and vanishing at will – none of it random, all of it calculated,

All of it aligned and in line with the truth of the Time,

This time right now.

It was a pretty interesting winter to be alive.

And now it’s not winter anymore, and even as it clings gasping to the final moments of fleeting (sleeting) life, it’s over. It’s spring.

Safe to say, we’re glad of this – and I wouldn’t have it any other way, of course.

Winter is usually a pretty bad time.

Not so bad this time, not until I really ran out of stored up vitamin d right at the end there.

I’m almost a little sad to let it go, it was pretty all right, actually –

Almost sad, but not actually sad. Winter sucks and I love when it dies.

We are all about to feel halfway normal again.

Take a pause today, do yourself a favor:

Couple deep breaths and just hold it there for a second. You probably don’t feel halfway normal yet. But think about the fact that you’re probably about to.


It’s a beautiful day, this day, this time.

It’s nice to see you.

Enjoy the day.


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