PATRONS’ MEDITATION PREVIEW: And a Place to Rest in Between

Just released over on Patreon: February’s Patrons-Only Exclusive Meditation, “And a Place to Rest in Between.” If you were a subscriber, you could head on over there and start your week on a truly awesome note (and if you are a subscriber already, I encourage you to do exactly that). Here’s just a glimpse, the first few lines to give you a little tease:

The Mountain rests.
There, upon its snow-flecked crags, we find movement’s natural end.
It’s okay to hang back; okay to pause.
Gaze upon the lonely peak with eyes closed, inhale, and know…

Ok, now tell me you don’t think it’s worth a buck to see the rest of this delightful meditation. Because that’s all it’ll cost you. A buck a month to get a surprise special meditation on a random morning each month crafted with the extra care deserved and demanded by those kind enough to financially support the work of a hustlin’ wizard. If you’re still reading and not weirded out, click here to head over to Patreon and I will be forever in your debt.

And in case you didn’t know, it’s a really good thing to have a wizard in your debt. Shit comes in handy. 

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