Notes for Episode 3: “On a Day Like Today…” with Johnathan McEachin and Derek Pelotte

For starters, I should apologize for the fact that I have been pronouncing Derek’s last name wrong for like two years, including throughout this show. It’s pronounced P-lot. But I guess it serves him right – for some reason, him and Johnathan kept calling me “Chris.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay, here’s our real notes:

Shoutout again to public works mastermind Seth MacLean for composing our intro track “The Fool’s Rules,” and once again our outro tune was “Own World” by Ketsa.


Did you think this episode was cool? Do you think it was one dollar cool? (Please don’t answer no to that – $1 cool is a low bar to hit…) In any case, please support the show by checking out our Patreon page and tossing a couple bucks into the hat. And if the show scared you completely, consider it your extortion payment :D

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