Will 2017 be better than 2016? A special Annual Wizard Spirit-Forecast for the year ahead

Here we are, in 2017, shooting through space. It’s still possible that the story won’t have a happy ending, that fate will perhaps be unkind. I don’t know – beyond my scope.

What I have for you, however, is a methodically constructed, wizardry-based outlook assessing what we can expect out of the universe in 2017. And you can relax! I don’t think it’s really going to be as bad as you think.

Sure, it’s taken me nearly until the end of January to get this out to you – made worse if by the fact that I began my research for this forecast all the way back on the Winter Solstice, over a full month ago – but these matters are often delicate and require care and time. What I present today is based on several consultations with more than one oracle, combined with inner visionary inquiry, and several other methods.

Trust it, don’t trust it, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s just my job to show it to you. And keep reading, anyway – you might as well. I never bore anyone. It’ll be worth the trip even if you think I’m full of shit.

Anyway. Here we are. Shooting through the darkness of space.


Have you ever just stared for hours at an animation of the earth spinning in space, one half facing you covered in light, the other in darkness, and you just watch on and on, as the illuminated lands and seas spin into the shadows, the land masses often displaying the glow of humanity’s lights upon the transition? No? You should.

Really, thinking about the earth that we walk on, that we do everything on, as a planet madly careening through space in an oval around a friendly, almost loving, almost terrifying ball of nuclear explosion – and on and on – it changes things. Or at least it should. It’s not a mystical interpretation or a mathematical abstraction – it’s 100% pure unpasteurized reality. It’s the world we inhabit. Every day. We don’t really notice, and it really doesn’t seem like that’s what’s going on at all, does it? But here we are, all we strive for and mourn and celebrate and covet and build and wreck, zoom out just a hair and we’re all just dancing little sparks of intelligence on a spinning racing wet space rock.

In all honesty, I can’t fathom that there was ever a time before a photograph of our planet from space existed. And it wasn’t that long ago. For crying out loud, when that thing came out, why didn’t it change everything? Just think about that. That image – for the first time. The real, plain, clear, tangible view of what previously was only known through approximation and illustration. Here, here for the first time in all time, here was us. And that’s where we’re coming from now, and many are the forces of the cosmos and the heavens and the other worlds that act upon us right now, today.

This is a Big Time. You already know that. You probably don’t want it to be so. Most of the time I don’t. Only the young and stupid would wish a thing like this – but here we are. Big Times. Important Times. Significant Days. 2017. On the Edge of Doom.

But hell, as at least one person says to me at some point nearly every day, it can be said that people were convinced of the very same thing during all times. I don’t buy it, guys. I mean, maybe they did all think that, but they weren’t all as right as we are now. We actually have evidence that we may be approaching a rapid demise. I’m not gonna depress everybody with links or even linger on the point right now, but in my view the only time in history that might have been equally or more likely to be approaching an end as we are today is like during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I mean, I don’t have to recount all the shit that’s stacked up against us, gotten worse and gone wrong, made it to the point where it’s hard to imagine the wrongs can be untangled and undone. Everyone thought 2016 was bad (I had fun) but in an objective sense I imagined, as all my peers met the new year with a glee that approached that of the newly liberated, that 2017 was almost definitely going to be as bad, if not worse, than 2016. These people are in for a rough ride and a bad time, I thought to myself.

But then, oracles, confounding things that they are, don’t check with me for opinion and analysis. They just provide the answer in the form they were made to provide it. And I don’t make it up, I just receive it and read it – and it’s pretty damn clear that all of those gloomy (if rational) projections are way off base. This is gonna be a good year, actually. You’re gonna like it.

So take it easy, okay. But don’t bust out the rum and cokes just yet – like most things in this universe, it’s not quite that simple. The good year doesn’t come without strings attached, although I’ll say that personally I’m inclined to like the kind of strings described here. At least theoretically.

Because it does mean work. There will be much required of all of us this year. The concept of Duty is going to figure heavy in everything we experience. Don’t confuse that with some kind of Old World Feudal Patriarchy Duty handed to you by birth or destiny or family lineage or whatever the hell, not like that. But your duty, whatever your duty really is. It’s probably not your job. Maybe. But I doubt it. You gotta spend some time looking inward and looking over the course and projection of your life, and ask: “What is my duty?” Figure it out, and do it quick – and don’t let that idea frighten you. The answer is really probably the first thing on the tip of your tongue anyway. Recognize what it is. Because as soon as you do, it’s going to be time to put that knowledge into practice.

The message is very clear – if you are able, you are expected to play a part in the public sphere. It’s time to stand up and get civic, whatever that means for you. Get involved. Make things happen – and bring (or maybe drag is a better word) as many others with you as you can. They’re needed, too. Here’s the thing, maybe the greatest and most hopeful and wonderful thing indicated by this wizard radar data I have compiled for you: it is not a suggestion but a firm and clear statement that right now, perhaps against all odds, is a time with the potential for great unity among people.

I really hope that’s the case.

It gets even more counterintuitive. The likelihood, for reasons that totally elude my grasp and personal precognitive abilities (such as they are), is that there’s going to be a period we’ll enter very shortly where it’s actually going to seem like heaven is on Earth. We’re going to feel palpably a really unusual harmony going on between all the opposing forces around us and in us. That unity becomes possible out of this harmony – indeed, we may set old grudges aside in many cases, identify what needs to be done and work together to accomplish it. A truly remarkable opportunity. Just up around the bend.

Remember Jesus saying, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first”? This is cosmic law, a universal truth recognized across recorded human time in all places and peoples and eras. What is high is brought low, what is low is brought high. What is in charge will be deposed, and the powerless shall seize control. What’s the lesson, here? Let that one sink in for a while.

Yeah, if that sounds like a matter of destiny, that’s because it is. These are cosmic cycles and we do not make them come or go or stay or flee. They’re all much much bigger than us.

But even when beset by the forces of fate and cosmic law and eternal season, never imagine for a moment that we are without agency. For even within the narrow parameters imposed by the conditions and forces that dwarf us, we may in some not so small ways influence the state of affairs. Again, it’s not a wave of the hand and a sip of the cocktail – it goes back to a respect for duty, and it’s through our behavior, whatever it may be, that our influence is felt.

Based on all the information I have, my guess is that we will be clearly perceiving this shift in things just before the start of spring, so you’ve probably got another six or seven weeks to hibernate before things really start to pop off.

Yes, no denying it, all jokes aside – we are starting things off this year from a place that can commonly be described as both sorrow and chaos, our creative inclinations stymied and dreams momentarily frustrated, but the forecast shows, bafflingly, that it’s a time of liberation and advance that we’re heading for (as we careen through space).

That’s pretty cool, and a serious matter. In times like these – all times, of course, but especially these ones – the way we interact with other people is very important. And that doesn’t mean just the perfect people, either, because there aren’t any of those. You need to be patient with people’s challenges and failings and bear with every single one of them, always carrying the knowledge that every human being is valuable and has a purpose equal to that of every other.

The only hint of danger, a singular dark cloud in the projection model, warns of something or someone beautiful that may prove a liar and traitor. Be careful, folks. Watch your back for that kind of thing – and you can also take a sort of “preventive medicine” approach to bolster your safeguards, and it’s really simple. Take pains to balance your mental and moral faculties.

Things will be on fire in some cases in the days to come. Don’t kid yourselves about that part. But from what I’m seeing here, at least this year, the thrust of the People of the Earth will be met materially with some measure of triumph. And that’s awesome. Let’s get ready and take advantage of that.

We’re left with a final image, that of a Mountain, accompanied with the message that “The Mountain dispenses all the blessings of heaven.” I count myself quite blessed indeed, to serve in the shadow of this Mountain.

Our triumph will happen like this. With a single, small, but constant trickle of water, given enough time, the desert will change to oasis, and the oasis will change to arable land, the arable land at last to rainforest. So the world will change – as we careen on this wet rock through the darkness of space.

Good luck with 2017, friends!


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