Take the Wizard No Fear 2k17 Support Challenge Today – It’s Easy!

Will you stand up and say “I am not afraid!”?


It’s open season out there. Will you stand up and join others all across the globe in declaring that WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED OR LIVE IN FEAR OF WIZARDS AND THEIR FRIENDSHIP?

This morning I posted a delightful 2,000-word rant – the kind of classic wizard rant that has so often led to furrowed brows, shaken heads, and ultimately begrudging agreement. I also posted a brand new meditation, just the kind of inspiration we all could use after this long and difficult week. And it even features a cute little critter!

But most of you can’t see either the rant or the meditation. You don’t know what the critter or the river have to offer. You won’t find it on the website and I can’t post the links here. Why? Well, these two brand new pieces represent the very first examples of Wizard of Monadnock exclusive subscriber content. It actually pains me to have to withhold anything from you, but I can’t give up on my strategic, long-term roadmap Patreon campaign before it even gets going, can I?

Here’s the thing – while some early adopters are waking up gleeful on a Sunday morning to see the premium content they signed up for, we haven’t quite hit a wave of momentum yet. It’s kind of like a tip cup at Dunkin Donuts – nobody wants to be the first one to throw a buck in the empty cup. We gotta fill up the bottom with some change until people feel like dropping more money in it corresponds to agreed-upon social norms.

Will you help fill my cup with your change? Just a dollar a month gets you that meditation I just mentioned – the one I wrote today and the one I will write every single month from here on out. For the deep-pocketed, $5 unlocks that meditation, offering up a frightening but enticing new door into the mind of a wizard.

But it gets worse.

A couple weeks ago, I was told by a friend that they would consider participating in the Patreon, but are afraid in today’s political climate of facing reprisals in the future for associating openly with an ungovernable creative free spirit like the Wizard of Monadnock. While I hold no ill will against my friend, this notion both hurt and saddened me, and it saddened me for the state of the world as much as for this four-year-old multimedia Wizard of Monadnock project.

But if you’re anything like me, feelings of sad hurtness lead inevitably to strengthened resolve and defiant determination. Will you stand up and say “I am not afraid!”? Will you raise a fist to the sky and shout toward the heavens, “In 2017, I will not be afraid of wizards and their association!”? That’s the challenge before us today, folks – and there’s an easy answer.

Just a buck. Just a single buck makes all the difference, shows the world where you stand – and you get the monthly bonus meditation.

Really want to drive the point home? Just a little Lincoln gets the message directly to the Middle Realm and gets you both the meditation and the rant – every month!

Want to go overboard and defeat the challenge as though you were stabbing it in the heart with a narrow sword? There’s all kinds of ways for you to go above $5, and all kinds of rewards to match your level of commitment and defiance.

Take the challenge today. Stop the hate. Reject the fear.


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