EPISODE NOTES – Episode 2: What a Time to Be Alive

The following represents supplementary notes and links associated with topics and sources referenced during the course of the Wizard of Monadnock Radio Hour’s second episode, released last week. If you haven’t heard the episode yet – I mean, why the hell not? – check out one of the links below, and be sure to subscribe so new episodes come straight to you without me having to bother you about it.

Terrapin Station

This, of course, refers to the epic and powerful Grateful Dead song discussed briefly during the show.


The Contemporaneous Post

Click here to see the Halloween/All Saints/All Souls holiday post I published at the same time as I made the older recordings included in the episode.


The Cathedral of the Pines

The official website of the barely-disguised heathen temple to Mount Monadncok is here. Google-Fu gets you plenty of images if you’re craving more.


Source Texts


My Shameful Declaration

I failed to live up to any of this but I’m not gonna cover it up after the fact.


My Equally Shameful Replacement

Click here to support the Wizard of Monadnock in all its incarnations, check out all the available rewards, or even just pop in for a laugh. Because it is funny. 


Episode Music


Stay Tuned

I’ve been lazy – and celebrating – and busy – but the detailed, visual photo journey of the mystical Monadnock hike described in this episode will be available in the next week or two.


And so will episode three! WITH GUESTS.

Until then.

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