This Week’s Mysticological Forecast

That app on your phone can tell you – honestly or as a lie – whether it’s gonna rain or not, but none of you (yet) have an app that examines forecasting models for upcoming spiritual weather fronts, that examines a hard-to-find astral-plane radar map for events, visitors, and obstacles to come. And frankly I’m glad, because if you did have that app it’d be one less reason to keep a mountain-bound wizard around.

Here’s what we’ve got for the next several days:

Well, I’m afraid I can’t lie (well, actually, I totally can – but it would defeat the purpose) we’ve got some trouble coming up ahead. Nothing we can’t handle, of course, but we can’t expect smooth seas or lakes or rivers or roads over the course of the next few days.

Like I said, it’s nothing to get worried about so much as prepared for. Imagine you get lost on Monadnock, as wizards sometimes tend to do more than the average citizen, and find yourself at a point on a somewhat narrow ledge with a flat rock face soaring straight up above you and an open drop in front of you with nothing to stop your fall until you smack full force into the pointed tops of the tall trees below. That’s what this is like. And the thing to keep in mind when you run up against spirit-world barometer readings like this is that we’re not in the kind of situation where you can just charge at the problem, attack it head-on or anything like that. In this kind of climate, that’ll get you a broken limb.

No, this mysticologist-weatherman advises you take a pause, take a few deep breaths, and even think about whether or not your own wanderings off trail led you into this mess in the first place. That’s kind of important, at least if you intend to survive the problem and maybe even learn something from it. That’s what we call maximizing the storm. (Well, only I call it that, and I only just started calling it that just now – but it’s pretty good, right?)
Seriously, though, this kind of wind blowing directly over your soul is temporary and it is survivable, but only if you keep your cool – and that may seem difficult at first. You can expect to be disturbed in the next couple of days, perhaps even startled. It’s possible a day may be jarringly disrupted just when you least expect it. KEEP COOL. Get a fan. Do what you have to do. But don’t panic and don’t do anything rash like take a hammer to a living room wall. Do not do that.

Like I said, take a pause. Maybe even retreat a little bit, something you may find yourself forced into doing even as moving in such a direction appears to be carrying you away from your intended destination. Retrace your steps backward, anyway, because the truth is that it’s the only way you’re ever going to arrive.

Anyway, it’s not all grim – friends are heading your way, and if you can find the ones who think like you do and share your frame and set of mind, join up with them as quickly as you can. Together, you should look for a veteran sherpa who knows the Old Trails and is capable of understanding the difference between extrication and backtracking. If you can find that guy, he’ll lead everyone out of the problem.

And that’s the thing, here. By the end of the week, the problem’s well behind us, nowhere to be seen. No guarantee of cloudless skies the week following, of course, but at worst we’ll be talking about new and different problems to deal with. Oh, the pure fun of being a biological creature with heart and soul! The pure fun, the High Tragicomedy.

Good luck! Remember the people out there, the ones I mentioned who can help, but this front pattern is one that makes clear there’s no interference from gods, ghosts, or demons on our affairs. This one’s all on the humans to make and all on the humans to fix.

You can do it. I believe in you. (Although it’s possible that I’m just saying that.)

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