Like diamond sunlight at noon: A Meditation for Today

I knew and I didn’t know

My source, my backstory, my origins –

I mean everything, the real answers,

The Final Objective Truth of It All.

But it’s never final here,

In this Place

Through the eyes,

But it’s final and true Some Place.

I catch it in glimmers, like diamond sunlight at noon,

Through tall forest glittering breezy canopy of leaf –

Those great unheralded gateways between fire and water and air and earth.

There and gone, oh wait, over there! Now again, and gone.

Here and in the void all in the same moment –

I’m not sure if Einstein would’ve liked that.


2016-06-05 05.08.49

The flashes, the glimmers!

The flutters at the corners of my eyes

From a refusal to surrender to the biological,

My stubborn resistance on borrowing against tomorrow’s vitality,

To absolutely crush it right now.

And so I straddle different realms of perception

And I know my steps will cross those boundaries much more ere the day is through.

And still now it has yet to cross over and begin.

But like a quick image from a strobe

I see that image I used to hold so close

I see it again – no, I just see it, I never stopped –

It’s never left me.


Simple robed traveler in Levantine town,

Craggly ground, edge of desert.

Calloused feet.

Picture of a traveler walking tall,

But a simple pilgrim looking for his way,

But a divine representative of cosmic self-awareness

Treading the Crust of a planet Touched.

It’s not an illusion – it’s me in those glimmers and flashes

And everything is holy.


And then I’m just back here again,

Dimmed out in the shadows

Ready for a nap

And still the Other doesn’t leave.

And everything is holy.

And I can even find it in me to give thanks

And walk onward on calloused feet to the next station along the way.

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