It’s spring already – act accordingly

The Earth is a great place to exist.
It’d be a shame to have to leave it.

Overhead, up in the stars, the video plays out
And anyone with the software to open the file can view the tale:
The Great Mother gave birth to her Son several weeks ago.
These weeks, up and down, she’s been recovering, the baby suckling.
Now, with the lengthening of the days (have you noticed!), the baby grows healthy;
The mother heals and regains her strength.
We see snow on grounds (sometimes) and ice on morning windshields,
But the tale in the Cosmos tells us the spring we cannot see
Is already here.

Love and Openness –
Yet faced with the Goddess in the clearing of the forest of the spring yet-to-come,
I protest, ashamed, that I am trying to be better than I am.
She just smiles, half compassion, half mockery, and reminds me that she, the Earth, bears all, abides all.
I, she tells me, I am but a living thing, no more, no less.
What I do is what living things do.

As such, we get another spring!
Though it may seem so at times, this is never guaranteed.
This is hope.
But we need blessings – oh, do we need blessings.
May we lay face down in the earth in humanity for She that bears us, always, through space?

To Her, I am grateful.

In reverence, may we prepare for the explosion of life – of our life – to come.

And so soon.

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