The wizard presents…|Important and useless reminders, in no particular order

The wizard presents…|Important and useless reminders, in no particular order

  1. Submit ideas for Wizard posts, topics to cover, special projects, and whatever else –
  2. You are going to die.
  3. We could all stand to learn a lot more from rivers and streams (and brooks – don’t forget about brooks)
  4. Sometimes, when overtaken by boredom and despair, it is helpful to pretend that the building you are in is a spaceship and that everyone is riding it together among the stars, where countless misfired dreams have landed. They get lost out among the stars, lost and lonely, then they wither and die.
  5. Everything is a circle.
  6. Yeah, man.
  7. Try to remember that being alive ain’t a bad gig. It’s weird and it’s dangerous to be alive. But it ain’t a bad gig. Sometimes you just gotta say that to yourself.
  8. Don’t just try to learn something new today. That could include some new discovery you make about yarn. Kick it up a notch. Challenge yourself to learn something new today that will directly bring you closer to global domination. Talk about setting the bar high. 2nd place is first place loser, suckiz.
  9. Take your enlightenment on and off like a suit. Think it doesn’t work like that? You haven’t tried it, then.

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