Lamvánontas cháos: A meditation

A sword stabs the flower,
The petals begin to fall.

You always know the full moon will rise and set on time;
It’s those half moons.
You know what I mean.
Always setting too early or too late,
And it’s unsettling, if you notice.

trickster - loki

It’s never enough merely to be creative;
One must actually be creating something.
– Well, on the other hand, you’re always creating something
Whether you know it or not
Whether you accept it or not
Though if you do accept it, you’ll have more say in what it is.

Don’t worry, though.
We’ll never have full control.


Some things will always fall under the authority of natural law.

In other words, even the best of us will have a bad run,
Or a dozen.
Disappointments and offenses,
Amalgamation and capital.

Sometimes the only kiln available is the kiln of chaos,
The kiln from which all the sculpted clay comes out little devils.

We may then feel the sorrow,
For ourselves and for the others,
Some or all.


The wise among us, however
(and I do not necessarily include myself in their number)
May yet be able to see in the snicker of those clay devils
The secret to our own impish snicker –
Perhaps itself a key to liberation.

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