Kicking off an exciting fall season at WoM

It might still be hot and muggy in New England, but don’t let that fool you. Another equinox lies just around the bend, and another harvest season is upon us. But morn not the passing of the light and the warmth! The fall holds many exciting things in store here at the Wizard of Monadnock.

First, what’s new? Well, I’ve just updated the Wizard-At-Large page with links to a piece I wrote for Salon in July and a piece I wrote for Brazilian Mag in August. Also, I had an awesome summer. That’s pretty much all I can think of.

What’s really interesting is what lies ahead. In honor of back to school season (I know, most of us are at work year round and there’s no specific significance in that regard to September, but just roll with it), expect weekly rants, regular prayers and meditations, and a return to our methodical layman’s study of the ancient I Ching. Sure, I may say that at the start of practically every new season, but I really mean it this time, I swear. It’s about time, don’t you think? Mark my words and keep your eyes peeled next week, when we’ll jump right back into it with a look at hexagram 35 (out of 64). 

Before that, though, watch out later this week for a fun announcement regarding election season. I’m breaking with tradition and it’s going to be fun as hell.

Lastly, I’d like to share with you all a fun little project I have planned for completion in late fall. As a reward to my devoted readers, as well as a very gimmicky fundraising ploy, I’m going to be curating my very best work from the site over the last two years, adding insider commentary and fresh insights, and compiling it all into convenient (and pretty) e-book format. “Who the hell would want to buy that?” you may ask. Well, that’s the best part – the thing’s gonna be free as a bird. You’ll be guilted for a voluntary donation, but if you just wanna take it, I’d be the last one to give a damn. After all, if I was any good at caring about money, I’d probably be something other than a wizard. 

Got any favorites you’d like to see included? Hit me up – or on Twitter @monadnockwizard. I’m open to whatever.

Salaam and happy autumn. The bus is on its way to your stop – hope you’ll hop on for at least a little while. And don’t forget to share with all your friends and relatives, especially the ones who’ll be offended. 

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