Wizard of Monadnock Books


One Heretic’s Quest for Salvation

A Novel in Three Parts

Price: $2.99

The setting — small-town New Hampshire — is perhaps the true main character, even more so than the eponymous hero of the story. And while often sparsely described, by the end of the 98 pages, there’s a troubling clarity the reader has gained for podunk Keene, NH. For a city-dweller like myself, there’s something terrifying and apocalyptic about this small town, filled to the brim with lost souls working dead-end jobs, and cyclical small-town relationships that trap people in a way large cities never really can.” — Tim Donovan

Can true love survive if ordinary people are hopelessly divided?

Can we banish God with depravity or indifference?

Is the only true recourse to youthful despair intoxicated laughter?

These are the questions posed to the universe by Jay Monaco, his roommate Jackie, and a wild supporting cast of degenerates, pushers, careerists, rock stars, and petty prophets. In this debut novel from the Wizard of Monadnock, Jay is a mid-20s professional working in a cubicle for a large armaments company in a small New Hampshire city seeking answers, a soulmate, and, more than anything else, a way to live. An illegal deal goes down without a hitch, but when a beautiful woman and a mysterious HR representative come to town, Jay finds his world changed forever.

Part black comedy, part love story, part pilgrim’s parable, You’d Guess From Their Cries is a wild romp through the underbelly of America in crisis.


Poems and Songs

Price: $0.99

Like all but the most famous of his fellow wizards, Jay Monaco had to make money somehow, so he spent a maniacal decade as a cubicle jockey in a gigantic office in the middle of nowhere. Then, in the middle of the summer, he got fired.

Between boisterous songs you can practically hear echoing through the pine-covered New Hampshire hills, wild visions of animated spirits and animals, a heartfelt blessing, and a solemn prayer to all that is, this collection vaguely approximates what happened in the long broke night to follow.

From the Editor’s Note: “…but the feeblest attempt on my part to give the world a glimpse into what the Wizard of Monadnock saw in the night of his misfortune.” – Lt. Col. Matthew “Ace” Hoffman


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