Feel the Water Flowing Through You, Maaaaan – It’s Spring!

Monday again. It’s probably time to do something that you don’t want to do. You might spend most of the day ahead doing something you don’t want to do.

I’m sorry. I’m probably right there in the same boat.

But I guarantee you if you just take a minute to think about this, it’ll be a better Monday than it would have been if you didn’t. Seriously, it’s the wizard full-on 100% double-your-money-back guarantee.



This is where we are at. The snow is melting. It’s feeding streams and lakes and rivers – to say nothing of the groundwater. It’s permeating the earth – returning to it, in fact – and by this process absolutely all new life of this 2014 spring shall spring forth.

That’s it. Just take a few minutes with that thought.

Even if you take it solely on an intellectual basis, this contemplation holds material benefit. It’s obviously in our interests to take the realist position, which recognizes that we are not outside of nature but a part of it and therefore we’d do well to take note of what is going on all around us. We’re happening with it, whether we know it (or like it) or not.

Think about all the water…turning from crystalline form into the normal liquid, running into the roads, splashing onto our windshields, sinking into the soil. Rushing down from the yet white-capped peak of Monadnock.

Be with the water. Feel it all around you, as it is indeed happening all around you.

Flow with it, if you can.



We all depend on the water. We all are water. Pay attention to the water and then recognize it as not separate from yourself. You are the water that is melting and going into the ground and rising up again.

As a motivational speaker might say, “Take ownership of that.”


That’s it. If I didn’t improve your Monday, you know where to send the complaints.



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