The World is (Probably) Not Ending Today



The world is (probably) not going to end today.

After all, by the time you read this, there are places in Asia that are almost done with today, almost done and the End hasn’t come.

We (probably) don’t have to worry about it, then. Not for today, anyway. Not for a little while.

That we are still here should be reason enough for rejoicing.
If it’s not, it can at least serve as some small comfort.

After all, we’re (probably) not going to be killed today.
Today, we’re (probably) not going to be imprisoned.

If we let it, that’s going to be worth something.

Today might be a lot of things. It might be boring. It might seem like a useless day, a “burner.” It might be a pain in the ass or it might be a blur. Whatever things or combination of things today might be, we have it.

We have today, and in all probability, we’re not going to be taken into custody, we’re not going to be killed, and the world’s not going to end.

I’ve little to say on the matter beyond that. Take it for what it is (“or leave it if you dare”) – but think on it through this day, should you be so inclined.

Take from it whatever comfort you may, and if you be able, please do rejoice.


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