Winter is Our Gestation, and We’re About to be Born

There’s only twelve weeks – one season – between each major holiday. On February 1, which is known as “Imbolc,” it seems like we just finished celebrating the winter solstice, Christmas, and New Year’s. I love celebrating as much as the next guy, but until we find ourselves in a society that permits more time and energy be spent on the spiritual, sacred, and familial, we all have a lot to get done in between big seasonal celebrations.


Anyway, the argument can be made that these quarter-holidays might in some cases best be suited to contemplation than merriment, and surely it’s not too late for thatYou see, the secret to all of this is that these quarter-holidays actually mark the start of the next season even though we can’t tell yet. In other words, even as snow continues to fall all around us and we’re running out of wood pellets and the sun just isn’t warming up fast enough, all of the makings of the spring to come are already out there. It begins now.

Another way to explain it is to say that, upon the winter solstice, while we tend to celebrate the rebirth of the light, it might be more accurate to say that we’re celebrating the conception of the light. It’s easy to think of winter – which follows the solstice – as a dead season, but it’s more proper to consider that it’s an incubation or gestation season. Things look dead to us, but the life form that this year is to become is rapidly growing in utero. Now, as we’re halfway through the winter, the fetus is late-term. The birth itself is nigh upon us.

What a wonderful idea that is.

Hopefully it's also wonderful in FACT.
Hopefully it’s also wonderful in FACT.

(And yeah, I’m well aware that I’m talking about a three-month gestation period as opposed to the standard nine, but work with me, here.)

If you were an expecting parent with only a short while to go before the birth of a new child, you’d be doing your best to get ready. You’d be setting up a nursery, maybe begging someone to buy you the required car seat and some diapers. Do the same for the year. We haven’t actually kicked anything off yet, but we’re about to, and you’d better be ready or you’ll never catch up.

What components of life do you think might benefit from rearranging? What ways of thinking do you think might do well by being adjusted? What kind of rest and nutrition do you require in order to really burst forth alongside nature in another few weeks?

Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to think those things over. Even if you never end up actually doing anything (and hell, half the time I don’t manage to do much), just thinking about it will put you in a better, more at ease, more prepared frame for the joyous equinox to come – the equinox, and its aftermath.


*     *     *

Before I sign off, let me just say – vaguely – that it’s really a pleasure to be the Wizard of Monadnock.

I started off this year proclaiming that it wouldn’t be a year of grand pronouncements, goals, and projects, and I stand by that*. But my wizard-trained senses can’t help but detect a certain quality in the air, a quality that suggests great things may be in the works – even if we can’t see them – that suggests perhaps even mountains may in time be moved.

It’s good to be the wizard. Salaam and blessings upon your week.

*To a certain extent :D

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