Obstacles: Monday’s Prayer



A simple prayer:

As we begin this week,

May we meet any obstacles encountered before us on our paths with both strength and humility.

May we know when not to rush head-on into conflict; grant us the wisdom to know the proper time for pause, retreat, and preparation.

Grant us, as well, the confidence and awareness to self-examine, self-indict, and self-improve, that we not blame other people or outside forces for our challenges.

Yet even as we seek errors within ourselves, may we never cease in our struggle against systemic injustice and chronic abuse. May we never tolerate either.

May we be blessed with the opportunity to ally ourselves with friends of like mind.

If we are in need, grant us a suitable leader to march on before us.

May we never forget that the obstacle or the storm or the conflict or the week will not last forever, may we never forget that time will take us through, and may we be granted all that which we require to get us on until then.


Have a happy Monday. Salaam.

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