New Week, New Year, New Blessing

wise-menHappy new year, happy new moon, happy new week.

As we approach the beginnings of things,
Our days still short, nights still long,
Weather still horrible for months to come,
May we approach only after we take a deep breath,
Only after we allow a moment of quiet,
Only if we release the heaviness of heart and shoulders
High up into he air.

Yeah, it’s tempting in the face of adversity to fight our way through it,
And there’s a time for that.
Still, especially at the beginning of things,
May we recognize there’s also a time to relax and to smile;
If there’s a time for vinegar, and there is,
May we not forget there’s also a time for honey.

May we approach the road ahead – today, tomorrow, and in the months to come – 
With the simplicity and light-footedness that comes
When we remember that we are but persons,
And when we remember what being a person means.

wisemen2Salaam and happy Epiphany!



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