A Wizard’s Love Song


The truth is, it’s great to be back after my two-week Solstice Break, but I’d be telling a grievous lie if I said I didn’t enjoy it immensely. I disconnected with the news just a little bit – although admittedly that’s an easier proposition during these typically quiet weeks. I read far more than usual. I enjoyed the company of close family in town from abroad, saw true friends I rarely see; I relaxed, but, much more than that, I celebrated. I had a great solstice followed by a thoroughly memorable Christmas Eve complete with mead – ARRR! I was fortunate to take part in multiple Christmas celebrations in the following days.

But more enjoyable, more memorable, and more important than all of those, I got married, making official what had long been already consecrated as a sacred union. It’s awesome. So, under the circumstances, I beg your permission to indulge in the tiniest bit of sap and send this one out to my beloved bride – it’s a love song I wrote in her honor a couple short months ago.

(As always, if anybody has any music for this, by all means step forward.)

Queen From the Temple Mount

Oh, the hills round here are filled with troubled ladies,
Boy, they’ll give ya nothin’ but grief,
They’ll have your kids and still treat you shady,
Sometimes, there just ain’t no relief.
They’ll nag your ass ‘til there’s nothin’ left,
They’ll peck ya to the bone,
To steal your soul, that’s the worst kind o’ theft,
Boy, you’re better off alone.

But see I got me a real special dear –
When I’m with her, I’m always home,
No matter what happens, she’s always here,
Side by side, hand in hand, together through life to roam.
You won’t find anyone like her anywhere in this scene,
I find shelter from the storm in the arms of my Bedouin queen.

She loves me even when I’m fired,
She laughs at my worst jest,
Brings coffee to lift me when I’m tired,
My darling queen, boy, she’s the best.

Oh, in this world, The Man’s a bastard,
He’s lookin’ for ya, boy, even as we sing.
Makes some men into rats, makes others get plastered,
Mostly makes ya feel like ya just done can’t win at anything.
But The Man can’t win when joy’s in heart between two souls –
Makin’ love then fallin’ in it’s the best way to rebel –
Even with a million evil shadeballs on all life’s grassy knolls,
The righteous matched team, son, can beat back the forces of hell.

Never thought such a thing could possibly occur,
My landscape’s view had never been so dim,
In all my life, back then or ahead, my proudest claim, yes sir,
Was when her soul stopped, looked, and thought, and said, “I’ll choose him.”
This whole planet, she’s been so much brighter since my lover came onto the scene,
And I can see Mother Earth’s entire strength in the eyes of my Bedouin queen.

She loves me even when I’m fired,
She laughs at my worst jest,
Brings the coffee to lift me when I’m tired,
My honey queen, sonny, she alone’s the best.

Oh, I’ll sit here, kid, and jabber on all night,
I’ll spit the truth: it’s hard and mean out there.
Better fall in line quick or everything’ll be one big fight –
Ah, hell, I don’t mean it, things matter if you manage to care.
Magic don’t ever come easy, boy, and finds you when lookin’ the least,
But if a happy old man you might yet be, keep patient and wait for the day.
You’ll know her when lookin’ down to find your heart’s size has done increased,
When suddenly your soul is gentle and kind, go on, it’s on all the way.

Well, I got my faults, but i can still tell ya ‘bout the best life’s got in store,
And I’d never say it if not with my own two eyes seen,
Look for the one’t brings forth whole-full devotion to your core,
When together, no trying, your product is joy, then boy, you’ve found your Bedouin queen.
And at final life’s ally, at my end accounts all I have been,
The only thing that really mattered was finding my sweet Bedouin queen.

Man, she still loves me when I’m wicked fired,
Hears out all my bullshit, makes my heart pound out my chest,
Brings an electric jolt when I need it, when I’m most tired,
Nothin’ left to say but my lady’s the best.

wizardcover2Dig this love song? It’s an excerpt from my poetry collection, Night of the Unemployed Wizard, available now from Wizard of Monadnock Books via Amazon.


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