Monday Blessing: Slap a Bow on it and Stick it Under the Tree


May good fortune attend you by fire or through snow,
In security or lack thereof,
May the ripe potential we hold today burst forth manifest in the year to come.

Until that transition is complete, let us pause to the benefit of our soul’s cardiac health.

May smiling alpacas be waiting to greet you at the end of all your journeys.

This isn’t just a regular old 7-day week.
It’s Advent now, like it or not.

All this year, you’ve gathered the materials,
Gradually assembled a gift that is the construction of 2013.
This is it.
It’s done.
No more gathering, no more building.
What’s done is done – and what shall be
Is going to be part of next year’s gift.

What do we have in front of us?
What is this crazy construction comprised of the last 12 months’ past?
Do we like it?
Is it ugly?
Is it hard to classify?
Definite it. Inventory it.
But no tinkering!

This week, figure out what it is – 
Then wrap it up.
Slap a bow on it.
And stick it under the tree.

It’s an offering now.
It’s out of your hands.
Take a deep breath and feel weight lift off.

Be careful this week to avoid slacking – 
We’ll all stay out of trouble if we stay sharp,
Maintain affairs to adequate standards.

Give up the gifts before you and release them fully.
Then you may go and be happy with your favorite people.


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