Thursday Blessings in the Air



Before our blessing, a kind request: please continue to direct any spare good vibes you have lying around to our comrade Mike, who is out of the hospital and still on the mend, and our family member Tommy. These guys need a boost. Much thx – the Wiz.

Thanksgiving was late and Advent is already upon us. It’s time to give up anything remaining of fall to which we are still attached, to which we are still holding on. We’ll take it slow, but it’s getting to be time to start letting go of all that 2013 crap you’ve been dragging around with you. I’m fine with taking it slow, but nobody’s happier about that idea than me.

Earlier this week – Sunday into Monday – the last new moon of the year passed on by. (2014, interestingly enough, begins with a brand new moon on the very first day of the brand new year. I like to think that’s a good sign.) Even now, there is but the barest hint of brand-new crescent moon visible just after nightfall, as though it were chasing the recently-set sun over the western horizon of these longest nights of the year.

Under dark of newest moon,
May we pause for a moment in repose and then move forward decisively.
May we see clearly what needs to be done,
May we take the first steps toward doing those things,
And may our efforts grow and bear fruit over the next two weeks:
May our own growth keep pace with that of the moon, in harmony.

December marks the days of darkness victory,
The cold wind starts to blow through,
It’s snowing already, more than once.
So let us shed off our apply fall flannel glow,
Let us go with the earth into stillness.

May we fill the rest of our week with calm and competent resolve,
But may it also be filled with the warmth of our hearths,
With joy, with gratitude, with merriment.

Even if the world is ending, there is still much to sing and dance about, after all.


Lastly, I am sad to say we must include a somber addendum to pass along our farewells to a dear friend who went along down the road to the next thing yesterday.


Rocky, old boy, you were a good beast. I’m sorry that you never really got to live with your one true love. Sometimes, that’s the way it shakes out, but life’s still good and full anyway. As with the rest of us, you came from the stars, and back to the stars you now have gone. Enjoy the trip. Rock on, Rock.


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