Check it Out: The Wizard Featured on The Suffolk Resolves


Ten Things Every Millennial Should Know Before Joining the Corporate Hellscape

You’re going to hear a lot about how your employer values creativity and how your supervisors value constructive feedback and welcome suggestions. Do not ever believe these lies, no matter how convincing they sound. Things like creativity and ideas sound nice. They make for great elements of positive MBA-speak pep talks. But to the people you’re working under now, creativity and new ideas are seen as suggestions that they need to improve their subpar, often lackadaisical management. You tryin’ to tell them how to do their job? This will only make them hate you. They don’t want you pondering things or creating anything. They want you to do what you are told, to be a reliable gear in their little machine – and gears need to stay both in shape and in line.

Read on at TSR.

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