Blessing for Monday Morning: Let’s Make it Good


As we start our week, a blessing:

Here, this morning, in the midst of All There Is,
Here, we pause to ponder.
This week, we shall give our thanks – 
And may we do so with sincerity and the force of the fullness of our hearts.
Not only do we owe it, but we need it, too.

Yet always in this life,
Before Thanksgiving comes Adversity,
Just as before Thursday comes Monday,
And Tuesday,
Even Wednesday, or at least a half day of it.
May we get through that first part in order to make it to our holiday,
And may that holiday be warm when it comes.

May we not be crushed by the enormity of crisis in which we’re helplessly sitting – 
Or in whose winds we are blowing around.
May we stand straight.
May our hearts be light.
May we retain the ability, regardless of our sorrows and struggles
To love with whole being our families and our friends.

Indeed, may we drink to that.

Salaam, good luck with the week.

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