For Monday: The Midnight Prayer

UnemployedwizardThe following is excerpted from the forthcoming debut of Wizard of Monadnock books, Night of the Unemployed Wizard.

…that’s right, we’re going to have Wizard BOOKS soon. More announcements to follow.

Great Mystery
I stand before you, beneath you, amidst you.
You remind me always of my smallness.
I’m not the Universe, just a tiny speck within it.

It’s better that way.
Remind me all my days.

In my dark of dark night dark,
When I’m not alone yet feel forlorn,
Won’t admit but might be lost,
Grant me reminders of high bright truth,
Memories fo worlds that have never been yet exist next door,
Grant me perseverence until this night of journey breaks with dawn.

Mother of all,
I love your life.
It’s always within me.
Even when your surface be obscured by shadow and the hour,
Keep flowing in my loved ones,
Keep flowing in me.

Ancestors and forebears,
For better or worse, the roads you paved brought us to here:
We owe our gratitude even as we may hate it.
Protect us and guide us,
That we may in turn pave a road out of this purgatorial valley,
That it may be more easily traveled by those coming next.

Great Mystery,
One last request:
Though I am yet not alone but yet seem forlorn,
Grant me the sounds of the far-off coyotes and foxes.
Grant me the sight of my high-flying friends the hawks,
That perhaps I’ll remember I’m not really lost at all.

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